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Is your trust doing what you need it to do?

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Trust Review/Audit

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Upload your existing trust to have our team review and see if it is doing what you need it to.

There are many benefits of including a Trust in your planning. Trust assets avoid probate, protect from creditors, allow your estate to easily be managed if you can’t, and many others.

Trusts must be properly funded. This means transferring ownership of assets to the Trust. Some assets must be held in your name, such as IRAs, 401K’s, 403b’s and similarly tax treated accounts. Failing to properly fund a Trust is the most common reason why a Trust fails.

  • Who are current and successor trustees?
  • What are the terms of the Trust?
  • Is the Trust revocable?
  • Who are the beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries?
  • Does the Trust still accomplish your planning needs?
  • Is there a current Durable Power of Attorney for financial or healthcare?
  • Has the law changed and should the Trust be updated to take advantage of the new laws?