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Advanced Planning Concepts

Our team – including attorneys, CFPs, ChFCs, CPAs and CLUs – brings decades of collective industry experience and is poised to help you design and build competitive solutions for your complex cases. You can count on leading-edge financial planning strategies, tax and legal support, carrier product intelligence, trust and policy review, and assistance implementing planning strategies that incorporate life insurance.

Clients can have a variety of financial needs depending on their stages of life. We can help provide them solutions for each stage with our advanced sales concepts. We perform this by:

  • Providing a Comprehensive Range of Key Services
  • Guiding Clients through Every Step of the Process
  • Facilitating the Process with Proactive, Personal Service
  • Ensuring the Confidentiality of the Deal
  • Coordinating Next Steps with Other Key Services

These inclusive solutions are designed to help complement a client’s current activities and support them as they face the challenges associated with maintaining personal and financial independence.

Trusts should be reviewed by your trustees and legal advisors for operational, taxation and funding concerns, as they pertain to the trust’s objectives and terms. Reviews should include:

  • Ensure the annual gift tax exclusion requirements are being met by the trustee
  • Changes in the grantor’s or beneficiaries economic or life circumstances
  • Changes in the grantor’s or beneficiaries economic or life circumstances
  • Appropriate gift tax returns or generation-skipping tax elections, if any, are filed each year
  • Confirming any required actions by the trustee and the frequency for each action
  • Accounting for contributions and/or gifts to the trust and distributions to beneficiaries
  • Provisions for successor trustee(s)
  • Policy performance to determine if the policy is performing as expected
  • Improved underwriting options
  • Appropriate product risk
  • Products with more cost-efficient pricing and guarantees – Innovative riders with improved options
  • Change in need from a second-to-die policy to a single life policy

We work with you to develop or revise your estate plans to help minimize taxes. We can work with you and your attorneys to implement wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care proxies. With our intimate knowledge of your assets and goals, we can recommend more sophisticated planning strategies and organize your assets to help maximize family wealth.

Life insurance policies are complex financial instruments. As such, they should be every three to four years.

Audits should include:

  • Policy administration to ensure policy premiums are timely and appropriate, accounting of policy values is accurate, and ownership and beneficiary information is correct.
  • Insurance carrier’s ratings to ensure financial integrity remains positive
  • Changes to federal and/or state tax law that may negatively impact the policy

Working with clients to create a comprehensive succession plan by providing innovative, tax-efficient solutions:

  • Insurance Strategies for liquidity and funding
    • Buy-Sell Agreement
    • Key Person Policy
  • Business Valuation Success
  • Business Exit Strategy
  • Set up Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) valuations
  • Charitable Strategies