Partner With CCFG

Partnering with Capital Crest Financial Group

At Capital Crest Financial Group, we work with advisors and clients nationwide to create a creative funding solution tailored to the individual needs of the client or company. CCFG is confident to deliver advisors and their clients the utmost quality, service and expertise.

In partnership, CCFG will support or handle the servicing aspects that go along with any insurance or banking transaction, such as: finalizing applications, financial documentation, release forms, applicable trust(s), restructuring, and all aspects of the annual renewal and continued policy servicing.

CPA partners are able to assist with verifying personal and business financial statements, and any other tax related concerns.

Our legal team can consult or create requisite trust(s) that are often used to house these insurance policies to protect the proceeds from creditors and taxation.

Both CPAs and strategic legal partnerships are available as additional services. Additionally, our CPAs and strategic legal partnerships are available for client consultations at every turn during and after the implementation of your financial plan. They are available to speak with a prospective clients’ existing advisory team to better make sense of this any strategy and its viability in any specific situation.

Our marketing material is first rate and able to distill this complex financial strategy into an easy to understand and apply tool. Our materials are geared towards acquisition of new and existing clients and firms, respectively.

Agents will be able to utilize CCFG’s preferred rates and terms in the life insurance premium finance arena.

CCFG provides a solution for any premium finance scenario, including:

  • Education for agents and brokerage groups
  • Access to unique and diversified sources of capital
  • Full service back office including: case design, servicing and annual renewals
  • Back office support for the independent producer
  • Back office support for brokerage groups