Who Should Consider the Program?


Individuals or businesses with a minimum net-worth of $5,000,000 may be eligible for Life Insurance Premium Finance. The insured will need to qualify medically and financially (if a business, the business financials are used for underwriting). Capital Crest Financial Group’s strategies are currently used nationwide by top advisors and firms, institutional lenders, and insurance carriers.


  • Age 18 to 85
  • Has a minimum net-worth of $5,000,000 (younger clients or professionals may qualify with a lower net-worth)
  • Has a need for permanent life insurance
  • Has the ability to pledge collateral in shortfall years of the policy
  • Is comfortable with the possibility of rising interest rates

Capital Crest Financial Group utilizes only the top insurance carriers and lenders. Upon qualifying, the borrower (typically a trust) will borrow the insurance premiums at a fixed spread based on LIBOR or Prime rates with options for hedging strategies in future years. CCFG assists clients and their advisors in the long-term servicing and (if needed) restructuring of these life insurance policies.