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Employee benefits play an important role in the lives of employees as well as their families. For that reason, the benefits you offer can be a deciding factor for a potential employee’s decision to work in your business. Yet, knowing where to start compiling a comprehensive benefits program for your business can be overwhelming.

With varied prospects and competition for top employees, attracting them to your business with employee benefits can be the deciding factor. Post acquisition, the goal is to retain – for the long term!  The Palisades Pension Plan provides a total benefits package for you or your employees; benefits above the typical 401k or health insurance plan. By leveraging funds to provide partial (we have the option for the employer to bonus interest payments to the employee for a more supercharged approach) or total contribution to the plan (minimal out-of-pocket expense), The Palisades Pension Plan allows businesses to reward their key-employees without breaking the bank.

The Palisades Pension Plan

The Palisades Pension Plan drives retention while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses to the business. While establishing a baseline vesting period, employers can rest assured that this tool will encourage their employees to be productive and remain long term. Benefits include: (1) Life insurance benefits for both the insured and company; (2) Retirement cash flow derived from the cash accumulation of the individual insurance policy; and (3) Living benefits such as disability, chronic and terminal illness.

The Palisades Pension Plan is a fully encompassing plan. Capital Crest Financial Group’s structure enables businesses to borrow funds to pay for these insurance policies. The business services the interest on the loan instead of the full and ongoing premium amount. Capital Crest Financial Group is able to achieve very favorable rates and terms from leading lenders.

For qualifiers, The Palisades Pension Plan can be in place to finance what would otherwise be an out-of-pocket expense to the business; allowing a capital free-up while providing an increase of employee benefits. The Palisades Pension Plan offers employee benefits housed within a financed life insurance product, providing protection to the employee and business alike.

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